The Most Iconic Streets in America’s South

America’s South is an iconic part of the country that knows how to have fun and cut loose when it gets the chance.  Although there are entire cities that are known for sticking to this attitude, the streets that do it best are known by everyone!

These are the most iconic streets in the South, and that is why they’re such hot spots for fun and tourism!

What Makes a Street Iconic

Any city can be iconic, but it’s truly impressive when a street can do it on its own.  Iconic streets are created by having all of the perfect elements come together.  This means great nightlife, awesome music, incredible locals, and delicious restaurants.  Beyond this, they also have to have a pop of history and culture to make them well-rounded!

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

Bourbon Street is the end-all-be-all for tourism in NOLA!  This fantastic street is where the life of the party stays and is almost always well-lit with awesome music, gorgeous lights, and fantastic balconies to catch a peak of the party.

Although it was named after a royal family in France, and not the alcohol, Bourbon Street has become an alcoholic beverage center for the city, and many love to come here and drink to cut loose with other partiers.

Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee

If you’re driving down looking at Memphis houses for sale, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Beale Street!  Beale Street has three blocks of nightclubs, restaurants, shops, and more, all in the heart of downtown Memphis.  Offering live music from jazz and blues to rock and R&B, you can find a little something to excite you no matter where you’re from.

This is an awesome destination for anyone who wants to visit an area where they can walk from the hotel to the fun, to restaurants, and shopping, and then back to their hotel in an incredibly short time.  Locals adore it, and tourists are always sure to check this area out!

Peachtree Street, Atlanta

This famous street is possibly best known because of Gone With the Wind, which brought the street into the public consciousness, but it’s still a fantastic place to go and have a little southern fun!

Originally called Pitchtree, Peachtree Street is a fantastic place to go see live games, eat at fantastic restaurants, do a little shopping, and do a lot of partying.  This street is so popular that even the Atlanta Hawks uniform has a nod to the street on it.  This is truly a southern gem!

What to Pack for a Trip to The South

If you’re heading south and want to make the most out of your trip, you have to pack correctly.  Check the weather ahead of time, and then make sure to pack clothes that can handle the heat and humidity in any of these cities.  Thin, lightweight fabric, sunscreen, and your own water bottle are all a must here!

The South Knows How to Have Fun!

The South is more than just a plot of land in the lower right-hand side of the country!  This area is a dream come true for fans of fun and culture, so make sure to take some time and explore it!