How to light the dining room according to the style of the environment and the furniture

How about investing in good lighting in the dining room? This choice is not always easy, is it? To know how to light the dining room you need to take into consideration the decor, proportion of the furniture and budget.

The secret is the light on the table, not the head of the one sitting! Let’s look at various chandelier and pendant options to make your dining room lighting cozy and incredible!

When the subject is correct lighting for the dining room it is important to note which is the ideal lamp. There is no rule in the choice of lamp, but it is worth mentioning that a decoration that follows a more modern line asks models that follow this format, so for more classic lines.

What cannot be overlooked is the functionality of lighting. Like size and model, inadequate lighting in the room and at the desk can compromise the overall design.

Lighting in the dining room

How to light the dining room? Due to all the activities that take place in it, it is important that space has adequate and adequate lighting. Ideally, there should be lighting in the dining room that can suit every occasion. A great idea is to match ambient light and seat light. The light needs to be bright enough to brighten the desk, highlight the decor and create a pleasant and versatile atmosphere.

To achieve the optimal amount of light, it is important to adjust the ambient light as well as accentuate the light. In addition to illuminating the space, the lights can also create even illumination while they can be used as part of the decor and elevate the overall design of the dining room.

According to standard NBR 5413 5.3.65, it determines the minimum luminance level 100 lux, average 150 lux and maximum 200 lux for general light in the dining room, and for local light such as table and tables minimum 300 lux, medium 500 lux, and maximum 750 lux.

Do not know how to calculate this? Here’s how to make a quick and simplified lighting calculation.

In general, the dining room lighting needs to be cozy and comfortable, and visually pleasing in its composition. Eid Mubarak Wishes .With that in mind, we have selected some incredible light fixture models that will let you discover the advantage and disadvantage of its functionality. And even better, which style fits best if your room is modern, rustic or classic.

Comfort is greatly influenced by the chosen light temperature. Do you know the difference between warm light and cold light?

Fixtures for dining room

The general lighting produces a small amount of light, so it is the least recommended for the dining room. The idea is to use light fixtures with a greater focus on the dining table. For this, it is important to know the height, size and ideal composition of the lamp on the table.

So that the light beam is on the table and not on the head of the person sitting, it is also important to calculate the opening angle of the lamp according to the height of the right foot.

Pendant lamps are a trend when the subject is more charming and modern decoration. After all the pendants can be found in several styles for all tastes. But with so many options in models and sizes, what is the ideal format for each type of table? Round, square or rectangular? How to light the dining room with so many options?

The shape will depend on the type of table.good morning wishes If your desk is rectangular or square you can use pendants in that format. Now the circular pattern always fits well in any table format! The number of luminaires will also depend on the table. If you have more than six seats, the ideal is to use a more extensive lamp that accompanies the extension of the table or two pendants of smaller proportion.

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